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I am an Environmental Professional (EP) as qualified by the EPA. I have taken (and passed) UTA’s course of Inspecting Buildings for Asbestos Containing Materials- however, I am not licensed in the State of Texas to inspect.

I personally do all inspections and write all the reports. I have no associates or other staff, and I do not engage in Phase II services. As an EP which only does Phase I assessments, I therefore remove all conflicts of interest to find “recognized environmental conditions” (REC) that really are just “house cleaning” issues just to make additional fees.

The removal of charging needless Phase II services is an EP responsibility that I think demonstrates the highest degree of professionalism. In the event a Phase II investigation is needed ie sampling and testing, I will call on an independent environmental company for such need.

Certified Professional Landman/EPA
Qualified Environmental Site Assessor

Telecom Site Services
Environmental Professional
NEPA Section 106

Steadfast Oil & Gas
Partner Land

Hickman McClaine & Associates
Petroleum Engineers + Landman


My standard fee for properties where there appears to be no apparent or significant RECs on the subject or adjacent to, and no extra data needed, the fee is $1,500.00 (which includes travel expenses- and usually no mileage charges within Texas- and the cost of the database). The client will be informed on all phases of the investigation if any significant environmental conditions are found- after my initial inspection of the subject and the ordering of the environmental database (records research), I can be further assured that the quote for the report is firm for the subject site, and the client notified.

Also, having an extensive background in land titles as a 40 year Certified Professional Landman in the oil and gas industry, I usually do my own 50 year chain of titles and there is no extra for this service. This is a $300-500 savings to the client. Certain site scenarios may be subject to my judgment to waive the need of certain investigative historical data, such as the 50 year chain of title, especially where the improvements were the first on an otherwise raw land tract, and other data that may be waived are historical aerials (usually before 1996) and topos. If in my judgment I feel the necessity to order such data, then the client will be notified to the extra charges. I usually require at least five to seven business days for completion, but depending on my workload, I can often bring the report in earlier.


I am based out of West Texas, with offices in San Angelo and Midland Texas. I travel to Dallas and Austin regularly to help clients (and see my kids).


I having been doing Phase I ESAs since the early 1990’s, completing testing as a certified environmental site assessor as a member of the AAPL, doing mostly oil and gas properties. This has evolved into commercial properties, rural ranch developments and the telecommunications industry ie FCC regulated towers– where the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), Native American notices and state historical reviews (SHPO/Section 106) are demanded by federal government undertakings.

I am also “approved” for SBA loans for their need for the Phase I ESA and the SBA Environmental Questionnaire to satisfy the SBA environmental requirements for records research and risk management and analysis. I carry the SBA required E&O liability insurance.

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